Choose Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi to get Enhanced Looks


Delhi’s leading and renowned cosmetic surgery clinic, Image Clinic, brings to people a range of cosmetic surgery procedures which can transform their appearance and looks. It is apparent for one to look for the best plastic surgeon in Delhi to get effective results of different cosmetic procedures. This is when one can make the most of the procedures provided at the Image Clinic.

The clinic is spearheaded by the most experienced and renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. AjayaKashyap. He has experience of more than twenty years in performing different types of cosmetic surgery procedures. Being the only Double American Board Certified surgeon, he has crafted a niche for himself. When one chooses him for any of cosmetic procedures, one can be assured to get finest of the results. He has a team of experienced and skilled medical professionals who make sure patients get quality care and reliable treatment.

When it comes to breast augmentation in India, they are one of the most reliable names. They have been performing this surgery for last many years. In this procedure, plastic surgeon makes use of silicone or saline USFDA approved implants for increasing the size of breasts. This type of procedures helps in restoring the volume of breast after weight-loss or child birth. Also women who are considering enhancing their breast size can undergo this procedure. At Image Clinic, they strive to provide effective breast augmentation in India surgery that too at cost-effective rates.

They are also expert in performing breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy.Those who are considering mastopexy in Delhi can choose them. This procedure aims at treating breasts which lose youthful shape as well as firmness over the period of time. Women, who have hanging, lose or shapeless breast can undergo mastopexy in Delhi with them.

Dr. AjayaKashyap is also the best gynecomastia surgeon in India. Gynecomastia is a surgical process which aims at rectifying overly enlarged shape of breasts in men. Having breasts resembling to women can affect self-confidence and self-image of a man. Living with enlarged breasts can be embarrassing for men.  The problem can be treated with gynecomastia surgery.  Just schedule an appointment with the best gynecomastia surgeon in India at Image Clinic.

About Image Clinic – It’s a cosmetic surgery clinic offering different types of cosmetic surgery procedures.  They have experience and expertise in performing different types of breast surgeries as well.

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Choose Specialist Tummy Tuck Surgeon Delhi to Get Effective Results


Do you have excessive fat deposits on your abdomen? Despite trying hard, these stubborn deposits of fat do not go away? If yes then you need to look for specialist tummy tuck surgeon in Delhi who can help get desired shape. Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is performed to achieve flatten tummy by removing excess skin and fat deposited in the abdominal wall. To an extent, it can also help in removing stretch marks. Abdominoplasty cost in Delhi depends on several factors, and only when you consult abdominoplasty surgeon in Delhi that you can learn about the exact cost.

Usually it is performed after massive weight loss, after pregnancy or in case when flabby abdomen having weak muscles impairs and affects body contours. Most patients who have undergone this surgery reported improvement in self-esteem and confidence.

If you are considering this procedure then the first thing you need to do is look for Tummy tuck clinic in Delhi. Delhi, being the national capital of India, is home to several cosmetic surgery clinics offering a range of procedures.  For abdominoplasty, look for tummy tuck clinic in Delhi which is spearheaded by experienced, expert and board certified surgeon so that you can get the most effective results.

When to consider undergoing tummy tuck surgery in Delhi

  • If the shape of your tummy has been affected or impaired by massive weight-loss or pregnancy
  • If you have deposits of excess skin, flab or stretch marks in abdominal areawhich fails to improve even after following strict diet and exercise regime
  • If you think that your present stomach contour has marred your self-esteem and self-confidence

Only if you choose specialist tummy tuck surgeon in Delhi, you will get right advice. Abdominoplasty surgeon in Delhi assesses your goals and desire regarding the procedure before suggesting any option. Abdominoplasty cost in Delhi depends on several factors like whether it will be performed alone or in combination with other procedures.  For more details visit:

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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Delhi – Three Types of Commonly Performed Cosmetic Procedures


Change is the only constant. And it is pretty much visible in every sphere of life. The world of medical science has undergone drastic change so are its various branches. Cosmetic surgery is one of the most evolving branches which have experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years. Advancement in this field has been stupendous. Given that people today are keen to enhance their physical appearance, they are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. If so is the case with you then look for Cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi and choose from various procedures the one which best meet your needs and expectations.

There are different types of cosmetic surgery procedures which are offered at cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures are mentioned below:


If you have excessive fat deposits which do not go away even after following exercise and diet then consulting the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi might help you. It is a surgical procedure which is performed on areas such as arms, thighs, abdomen and neck.

In this surgical procedure, best liposuction surgeon in Delhi makes incisions into the skin and removes fat making use of special tool called cannula. Look for a board certified surgeon if you are considering liposuction. It is performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the area of body to be treated. In case, large amount of fat and fluid has to be removed then you might need to undergo three to four sessions. On the basis patient’s needs, cosmetic surgeon recommends the type of liposuction procedure. Tumescent liposuction, VaserLipo, Cool Liposuction and Laser liposuction are some types.

Nose Surgery

Every thousands of people undergo facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as Nose surgery to get better looks. An increasing number of people are choosing nose surgery in Delhi, India because of several advantages.Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is done not only to improve facial appearance and looks but also to rectify nasal functionalities.  Undergoing nose surgery in India allows you to get excellent results as the country is home to some of the leading and renowned surgeons.

Neck lift surgery

One of the first areas where signs of aging appear first is neck. Horizontal creases, turkey wattle, vertical banding and fatty jowls just add years to your look making you older than actual age. This is when a neck lift surgery can help you. It enhances the appearance of the neck by tightening the skin as well as underlying muscles, thus enhancing jawline contours. Neck lift surgery cost in India depends on several factors. Whether or not the procedure will be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures determine neck lift surgery cost in India.

These three are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. You can get most effective results if you are able to choose the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi. For more details visit:

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