Breast Reduction Surgery for Reducing Size of Abnormally Grown Breasts

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Some women have abnormally grown breasts. The size and volume of their breasts is awkward in looks and also causes difficulty in carrying that extra weight that is not in proportion with weight of other body parts. This can be something like accumulation of mass in particular organ or area of body.

There is a cosmetic surgery to regain proper shape and weight proportion to women’s breasts that is known as breast reduction. This might be called a systematic process to take away excessive fat, glandular tissues and skin to achieve the desired size and shape of breasts. Thus breast reduction reduces the size of breasts by removing unnecessary fat deposition from them and makes necessary arrangements to regulate other tissues and breast skin to get adapted to new reduced size and shape of women’s breasts.

The breast reduction cost may vary due to influence of many subsequent factors. This depends on experience of surgeon to carry out this surgery, Geographical location of his office or clinic and the type of procedure used for breast reduction.

Breast reduction cost includes:

  • Fees for anesthesia expert deployed for the surgery
  • Fees of surgeon carrying out the operation
  • Prescription of medicines during the treatment
  • Cost of medical tests required to be performed before the surgery
  • Post-surgery garments for the patient
  • Hospital and surgical facility cost.

There cannot be a standard procedure that would be applicable to each and every patient undergoing this type of cosmetic surgery. Expert surgeons design a procedure according to detailed diagnosis of every single patient. This would involve the amount of fat deposition to be removed from breasts, surgical amendment of overlying skin and process for adjustment of adjacent tissues to act according to new shape and size of breasts after surgery.

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Breast Lift Surgery for Youthful Appearance

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Some women have breasts in bigger sizes and breasts are loosened after a child birth or due to some other reasons. This embarrasses them as their breasts might have an awkward appearance.

Women’s breasts change according to time and lose their youthful appearance and shape. This might happen due to some of these reasons:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding to children
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Ageing

There might be some home remedies or medicines such as creams, lotions or oral tablets that claim to strengthen the surrounding muscles and reshape breasts. However their results are not guaranteed neither have any clinical evidence.

Therefore, to overcome this problem and rejuvenate the youthful appearance of breasts it is suggested to go for a breast lift surgery from an expert cosmetic or plastic surgeon. This surgery raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening surrounding tissues to support the new breast contour. Even this surgery can minimize the size of areola that might have spread.

Breast lift doesn’t really change the size of the breasts. Keeping the same volume, surgeons would minimize extra skin that might have lost elasticity and try to make the breasts as firm as possible to gain a youthful attractive shape. They would not take out any fat deposition away from breasts neither they would add some synthetic parts to provide a different shape to breasts. Thus surgeons would utilize corrective measures to have correct shape of contours to women’s breasts in the available scenario.

Thus this surgery would not make any major changes to breasts by adding or removing mass deposits however can provide proper rejuvenation to appearance of breasts making it much younger and attractive in aesthetic looks. Women can return to their normal life within a matter of some days and there are no major side effects reported due to this surgery. So, it is safe for mid aged and even elder women to have this surgery and experience boost in confidence level due to their younger appearance.

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How to Achieve the Best Results from Your Breast Surgery

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Before you undergo a breast augmentation surgery, there are a few important things that need to be done before, during and after your breast surgery which can reduce or eliminate any complications. It is important to discuss these with your breast surgeon to achieve the best results.

  1. First Consultation

Ensure that you and your breast surgeon understand what exactly it is that you want to achieve from your surgery. Your breast surgeon will then advice you whether you need a breast lift or a breast reduction surgery. Keeping all your previous health records and reports are crucial so that you surgeon is aware of your vitals.

  1. Using Breast Sizers for Breast Augmentation

Breast sizers help you and your surgeon understand the final breast size you want to achieve. Accordingly, the same size of breast implants can be used for a breast augmentation.

  1. Customized Surgery Plan

A lot of women need customized surgery plans on the basis of their health vitals, breast size, the area of incisions etc. Here the breast surgeon also recommends whether the patient needs to opt for silicone or saline for the material of the implants, placement of the implants etc.

  1. Planning Out Recovery

It is important to understand that your body will fully recover within 5-6 weeks from the breast surgery. You will need to plan your diet and exercise accordingly. Lifting weights is not advised for at least 6 weeks post-surgery and also lifting of the arms behind your back or behind your head.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery for Adding Volume to Breasts Through Implants

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As women lose natural shape and size of their breasts, they are suggested to have cosmetic surgery to regain their shape and size of breasts. Loosening of breasts may be caused due to pregnancy, weight fluctuation and some other reasons such as heredity.

Breast augmentation that is commonly called as ‘boobs job’ by patients can be carried out through expert cosmetic surgeons to regain the attractive shape and size of breasts. Breast augmentation surgeon designs use of breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of women’s breasts. The amount or size of implants may differ patient to patient as that would be according to desired end result of shape and size of breasts after surgery. Thus it involves expertise in deciding the best arrangement of shape and size of breasts so that the patient would have a better feel and enhanced aesthetic appearance after surgery. So, the surgeon would consider overall size of chest and try to keep it in as natural and attractive proportion as possible to avoid a too much made up look after breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgeon can make necessary arrangements to have an extra roundness of breasts and can add sufficient volume of implants for achieving this. This surgery can help to regain the shape of breasts after a serious injury. It would be advisable to have breast lift along with breast augmentation or it can be done in a different schedule. This would help patients to have combination of advantages of both the treatments to lift breasts and add volume to them for attractive appearance.

This surgery can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Women can increase projection of their beasts with added fullness to them.
  • They can have a balanced proportion in terms of size of hips, waist and subsequent size of breast to have a beautifully toned body shape.
  • Enhanced shape and size of breasts can improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Consult Breast Surgeon for Aesthetic Breast Surgery Procedures

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When it comes to appearance, breasts have an extremely important role to play. Irrespective of what your age is, craving for an attractive figure is synonymous to all women. If you are not happy and satisfied with the shape and size of your breasts and want to improve it for aesthetic reasons then schedule an appointment with the breast surgeon to find out about different breast surgeries.

With the advancement in the world of medical science, there have come some noticeable changes in the way breast surgeries were performed. For women who are looking forward to aesthetic breast surgery might find the information mentioned below interesting. Listed below are three types of breast surgery procedures:

Breast Augmentation

It is one of the most commonly performed breast surgeries for aesthetic reasons. It helps in restoring or increasing the size of breast making use of saline implants, silicone implants or autologous fat transfer. An increasing number of women are opting for this procedure to achieve better look. It has a long as well as successful track record. Women who wish to restore or regain balance or enhance their figure can choose breast augmentation surgery. For more details visit:

Breast Lift

Medically known as Mastopexy, breast lift aims at treating uneven and sagging breasts, drooping nipples, decreased volume of breast and stretched areola for recreating youthful and improved shape and lift your breasts. Patients who have too much or too little breast volume, a breast reduction or breast augmentation is also performed along with breast lift. For more details visit:

Breast Reduction

Medically known as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is performed to reshape and reduce the breast size so that they appear in proportion with the rest of your body. The results of this surgery are outstanding as a patient no longer feels discomfort consequential to overly large sized breasts.  For more details visit:

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