Liposuction for Removal of Fat Deposits from various Parts of Body

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Obesity is the root cause of various other health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and heart disease. People that have abnormally high weight cannot really reduce it to desired level through dieting and exercise. Usually BMI refers to the proportion of body weight with reference to height and age. If this ration is very high the patients are suggested to go for liposuction. This is a cosmetic surgery that slims and reshapes specific body areas by removing excess fat deposits improving body contour and proportions.

This cosmetic surgery can reshape targeted areas of body that are too fatty such as thighs, hips, belly and waist, buttocks, inner thighs, inner knee, chest area, back, ankles and calves, cheeks, chin and neck all put together in a single procedure or through periodic schedules for sequentially reducing weight of various body areas.

This surgery can be performed alone or along with other treatments such as face lift, tummy tuck and breast reduction. Usually this surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. Depending on the areas to be treated, this surgery might be an outpatient procedure or patients might require to stay in a hospital if there are multiple target areas for removal of fat.

Surgeons use a small stainless steel device called cannula that acts as a suction device for removal of fat from various parts of the body. Cannula is inserted in fat depositions between skin and muscles and fat is removed using a suction pump or a large syringe. The length of the procedure is proportional to amount of fat needed to be removed. Thus patients can have a smooth and improved body contour.

Vaser liposuction is another alternate technology for conventional liposuction that uses sound waves to loosen fat deposits in various parts of body. Instead of cannula, water pressure, laser or any other method this technology uses ultrasonic sound frequencies to loosen fat deposits. This can be a treatment to get desired contour of body and not really for weight loss.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery for Adding Volume to Breasts Through Implants

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As women lose natural shape and size of their breasts, they are suggested to have cosmetic surgery to regain their shape and size of breasts. Loosening of breasts may be caused due to pregnancy, weight fluctuation and some other reasons such as heredity.

Breast augmentation that is commonly called as ‘boobs job’ by patients can be carried out through expert cosmetic surgeons to regain the attractive shape and size of breasts. Breast augmentation surgeon designs use of breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of women’s breasts. The amount or size of implants may differ patient to patient as that would be according to desired end result of shape and size of breasts after surgery. Thus it involves expertise in deciding the best arrangement of shape and size of breasts so that the patient would have a better feel and enhanced aesthetic appearance after surgery. So, the surgeon would consider overall size of chest and try to keep it in as natural and attractive proportion as possible to avoid a too much made up look after breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgeon can make necessary arrangements to have an extra roundness of breasts and can add sufficient volume of implants for achieving this. This surgery can help to regain the shape of breasts after a serious injury. It would be advisable to have breast lift along with breast augmentation or it can be done in a different schedule. This would help patients to have combination of advantages of both the treatments to lift breasts and add volume to them for attractive appearance.

This surgery can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Women can increase projection of their beasts with added fullness to them.
  • They can have a balanced proportion in terms of size of hips, waist and subsequent size of breast to have a beautifully toned body shape.
  • Enhanced shape and size of breasts can improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Three Factors That Affect Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost


There are many people who try hard to have flat tummy for it is a symbol of sleek figure and good health. In some cases, it is just not achievable through exercise and diet alone. As a matter of fact, even those who live a healthy lifestyle often find deposits of fat and skin around abdominal area. In such a scenario, opting for abdominoplasty surgery can be the best remedy for you.

If you are thinking about this procedure then the first thing which strikes your mind is the cost associated with the procedure.

Individual goal of patients

Each patient is different so are his needs when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedure like abdominoplasty. While some patients need a small surgery to achieve their goal, there are others who require more complex and detailed surgery. the severity of your condition, for instance, amount of loose muscles, fat and skin that has to be removed also influence the cost.

Types of tummy tuck surgery

There are four types of tummy tuck procedures which are commonly performed:

  • Mini tummy tuck
  • Limited tummy tuck
  • Full tummy tuck
  • Extended tummy tuck

Expertise of the cosmetic surgeon

It is important to note that not all surgeons are created equal.  Do your homework properly and look for a board certified surgeon. Such surgeons might charge slightly more for the procedure, but you can be assured of the results of the procedure.  Experience, expertise, qualification and skills play an important role in determining the tummy tuck surgery cost.

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Consult Breast Surgeon for Aesthetic Breast Surgery Procedures

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When it comes to appearance, breasts have an extremely important role to play. Irrespective of what your age is, craving for an attractive figure is synonymous to all women. If you are not happy and satisfied with the shape and size of your breasts and want to improve it for aesthetic reasons then schedule an appointment with the breast surgeon to find out about different breast surgeries.

With the advancement in the world of medical science, there have come some noticeable changes in the way breast surgeries were performed. For women who are looking forward to aesthetic breast surgery might find the information mentioned below interesting. Listed below are three types of breast surgery procedures:

Breast Augmentation

It is one of the most commonly performed breast surgeries for aesthetic reasons. It helps in restoring or increasing the size of breast making use of saline implants, silicone implants or autologous fat transfer. An increasing number of women are opting for this procedure to achieve better look. It has a long as well as successful track record. Women who wish to restore or regain balance or enhance their figure can choose breast augmentation surgery. For more details visit:

Breast Lift

Medically known as Mastopexy, breast lift aims at treating uneven and sagging breasts, drooping nipples, decreased volume of breast and stretched areola for recreating youthful and improved shape and lift your breasts. Patients who have too much or too little breast volume, a breast reduction or breast augmentation is also performed along with breast lift. For more details visit:

Breast Reduction

Medically known as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is performed to reshape and reduce the breast size so that they appear in proportion with the rest of your body. The results of this surgery are outstanding as a patient no longer feels discomfort consequential to overly large sized breasts.  For more details visit:

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Face Lift Surgery – Say Goodbye to Facial Signs of Ageing!

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Face lift surgery, medically known as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure which aims at reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles along with other signs of ageing such as creasing and folds. The main objective of this surgery is enhancing the appearance of the jaw and face. As a matter of fact, the results of the surgery are outstanding and can help in reversing the harmful effects of exposure to the elements, stress and time.

To perform this type of surgery, a cosmetic surgeon would lift and tighten underlying facial muscles for creating aesthetically pleasing contours and rejuvenating the entire facial structure. The surgeon then removes excess deposits of skin and fat that contributes to a tiring and ageing appearance.

It is one of the most effective ways for enhancing the appearance and boosting self-confidence, however it is not meant for everyone. Often, the cosmetic surgeon combines facelift surgery with other procedures such as forehead lift and neck lift among others.  The results of this surgical are outstanding and can turn back the clock for many people. Those who are in overall good health have realistic approach and positive attitude are the right candidate for this procedure.

Once you have decided to undergo this cosmetic procedure, one thing which might be worrying you is the face lift surgery cost. Given that it is one of the commonly performed procedures, cost associated with it has been reduced. However, it is only after consulting a surgeon that you would get to know about the exact price.

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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi – Get Improved and Youthful Look

Are you thinking about undergoing hair transplant surgery?  Are you looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi? If yes then you need to make sure that you find out as much information as possible about the surgeon and hair transplant surgery before making any decision.Given that hair transplants are becoming popular among those suffering from baldness or loss of hair; demand for hair transplant surgeons has also reached new heights. Choice of surgeon you would make is going to make huge difference to the outcome of surgery.

For best hair transplant in India, you should look for a surgeon who is board certified and experienced in performing hair transplants. In this type of surgical procedure, hair follicles which are not susceptible to balding are extracted and surgically planted into the affected area such as the front hairline or the top of your head. Hair follicles which are transplanted are not genetically programmed to be lost. Hence, transplanted hair continues to grow naturally for lifetime enhancing your look making you look young.

There is simply no denying the fact that hair transplant procedure has some definite advantages in comparison to several other hair loss treatments. Most people who opt for such a surgery undergo several other treatment options before making this decision. For instance, cost involved in this procedure is a one-time investment, which is worth it. No long you have to spend money on lotions, gels and shampoos. Prescription drugs that you take for hair loss surgery have serious side-effects too. Once surgery is done, you can get rid of this all.

There are different types of hair transplant surgeries. Surgeon recommends the one after examining a patient. Hair loss is one of the most common problems these days. A large number of people are across the globe are suffering from this. Scalp reduction is one of the best ways to treat hair loss procedure. in this procedure, a strip of skin is taken from bald area then sews the edge of scalp. The stretched part of the skin moves hair on the sides closer to the top of the head, thus reducing affected area which is covered by this procedure.  If you are wondering about scalp reduction surgery cost in India then consult a hair transplant surgeon.

In the last few years, Delhi, the national capital has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for different cosmetic procedures, and hair transplant surgery is no exception.  When you decide to undergo hair loss surgery in Delhi, you can be rest assured of outstanding results.

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What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There are many surgical procedures designed for men. Body changes can effect a man’s psychology as well. Man Breast/Gynecomastia is the mostly common problem faced by many men.

Man Breast or gynecomastia is the most common complaint of men. Men’ chest looking like breasts can make a man feel very concious preventing him from enjoying activities like swmmming.The surgery is done on a day care basis and takes only an hour or slightly more. You will be discharged the same evening. The patient will have to wear a corset for 6 weeks for 24 hrs except while having a bath. Generally you can go to work in 48hrs.

Gynecomastia Candidates

By undergoing a male breast reduction surgery in Delhi ( at KAS Medical Centre, you can surely feel comfortable revealing your chest contours, clothed or bare. You can also gain more social confidence. A decent candidate for male breast reduction should have a positive viewpoint and realistic prospects of the consequences of the procedure. This surgery can be undertaken by men of any age who are healthy and emotionally stable. Furthermore, the preeminent candidates usually are those who have strong, elastic skin and who are considering for restyling their body. Following are the conditions that you need to look for in order to determine if you are the right candidate for this surgery:

1: If you are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of your breasts.

2: If you experience physical uneasiness because of your breasts.

3: If you are not ominously overweight.

4: Also, the surgery would be apt for you if you do not use marijuana, steroids or drink alcoholic beverages disproportionately as these substances may cause gynecomastia.

After Care and Recovery

After the surgery, the patient is instructed to wear an elastic and flexible pressure garment for 3-6 weeks and he must avoid baring scarred areas to the sun for at least 6 months. No heavy lifting is advised for 4-6 weeks. You should not smoke, as smoking delays curing and deepens the risk of complications. Also, do not drink alcohol when taking pain medications and even if you are not taking pain medications, no alcohol is recommended for 3 weeks as it causes water retention. Gynecomastia surgery largely has a comparatively moderate recovery period.

If you wish to undergo male breasts reduction procedure and gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, India. You are most welcomed at our centre where you can get detailed assessment and thorough examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with Dr. Kashyap, best gynecomastia surgeon and male breast reduction doctor in Delhi India.

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