What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There are many surgical procedures designed for men. Body changes can effect a man’s psychology as well. Man Breast/Gynecomastia is the mostly common problem faced by many men.

Man Breast or gynecomastia is the most common complaint of men. Men’ chest looking like breasts can make a man feel very concious preventing him from enjoying activities like swmmming.The surgery is done on a day care basis and takes only an hour or slightly more. You will be discharged the same evening. The patient will have to wear a corset for 6 weeks for 24 hrs except while having a bath. Generally you can go to work in 48hrs.

Gynecomastia Candidates

By undergoing a male breast reduction surgery in Delhi (http://www.imageclinic.org/male-breast-reduction.html) at KAS Medical Centre, you can surely feel comfortable revealing your chest contours, clothed or bare. You can also gain more social confidence. A decent candidate for male breast reduction should have a positive viewpoint and realistic prospects of the consequences of the procedure. This surgery can be undertaken by men of any age who are healthy and emotionally stable. Furthermore, the preeminent candidates usually are those who have strong, elastic skin and who are considering for restyling their body. Following are the conditions that you need to look for in order to determine if you are the right candidate for this surgery:

1: If you are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of your breasts.

2: If you experience physical uneasiness because of your breasts.

3: If you are not ominously overweight.

4: Also, the surgery would be apt for you if you do not use marijuana, steroids or drink alcoholic beverages disproportionately as these substances may cause gynecomastia.

After Care and Recovery

After the surgery, the patient is instructed to wear an elastic and flexible pressure garment for 3-6 weeks and he must avoid baring scarred areas to the sun for at least 6 months. No heavy lifting is advised for 4-6 weeks. You should not smoke, as smoking delays curing and deepens the risk of complications. Also, do not drink alcohol when taking pain medications and even if you are not taking pain medications, no alcohol is recommended for 3 weeks as it causes water retention. Gynecomastia surgery largely has a comparatively moderate recovery period.

If you wish to undergo male breasts reduction procedure and gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, India. You are most welcomed at our centre where you can get detailed assessment and thorough examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with Dr. Kashyap, best gynecomastia surgeon and male breast reduction doctor in Delhi India.

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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Delhi – The Right Destination to Achieve Smart Looks


Attractive people do much better in their life, both personal and professional. And, testimony to this is several studies conducted over the period of time. Such people are assumed to have greater intelligence and positive social traits. For instance, those who look good are confident more than others. At the time of interview, even employers prefer hiring professionals who are confident and have positive approach towards life. It is one of the main reasons why having attractive looks has become of paramount importance in the recent years. Choosing the right cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi could help you get better and improved looks.

With the advancement in the field of cosmetic surgery branch, it has become possible for cosmologists to address different types of problems faced by people. In fact, you can now look good with minimal downtime. Treatments such as facelift surgery, nose job, chin augmentation, eyebrow lift and breast enhancement among several others have become extremely popular among people.  Liposuction is yet another most popular cosmetic surgery procedure which aims at tightening the loose and sagging skin of different body. When you consult the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi, you can find out about the detailed procedure along with cost.

Body lift surgery is another popular procedure performed in Delhi. It is a surgical procedure which aims at removing excess fat, tissue and skin, and tightening and repositioning the remaining area.  The surgical procedure improves the tone and shape of underlying tissues which support skin and fat. Given that an increasing number of people are considering this procedure to bring entire body in proportion, demand for reliable and experienced body lift surgeon in Delhi has increased too. Body lift surgical procedure comprises of different body parts, and is often categorized as tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh or buttock lift, lower body lift and upper body lift. It is this surgical procedure which brings your entire body in proportion giving you better look and appearance.

Natural process of aging often leaves behind wrinkles on your face. Facial sagging and wrinkles can affect your appearance.  It further deteriorates your confidence and ability to perform well. If you want to get rid of facial wrinkles as well as sagging skin then facelift surgery is the best option to consider. Facelift surgery treats sagging and wrinkles on face. There is a range varying from extensive and sophisticated surgery to minimally invasive “lunchtime lifts”.  It helps in correcting double chin and jowls, mid face sagging and marionette lines.    When you decide to opt for facelift surgery in Delhi then you can be assured to get results which add freshness and youth to your face.

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Non-Surgical Treatment Clinic in Delhi – Three Most Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Most of us have heard about surgical cosmetic treatments and the advantages they offer. However, in the recent years, non-surgical cosmetic treatments are gaining popularity over surgical treatments. For those who are looking for simple cosmetic fixture can now find respite in non-surgical treatments. Choosing right non-surgical treatment clinic in Delhi can help you understand different procedures.  There are several non-surgical cosmetic treatments which can make a world of difference to your looks. On the basis of your skin, surgeon would recommend the best available treatment. Results of non-surgical treatments are pleasing.
Reading further you will learn about three popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment options.
Filler Treatment
Also popular as soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers, it is counted among one of the most popular non-surgical treatment options. Fillers refer to a kind of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine which helps in altering the contours of the face, add volume and fill in wrinkles. Common areas for filler treatment are hands, neck and face. Results are outstanding with youthful, fuller and smoother appearance. Dermal filler treatment in Delhiis the most sought-after aesthetic procedures as they give instant results with no recovery time and few risks.
Botox treatment
Natural process of aging brings along wrinkles and creases on your skin which makes you look tired and old. The fine lines which appear between your brows slowly linger for long and become more pronounced over the period of time.It is a FDA approved treatment option for moderate to severe frown lines. In women, these lines appear exaggerated and permanent in comparison to their counterparts. In order to make sure that you get the most effective results, make sure that you discuss Botox treatment in Delhi at length with your surgeon.
Acne scars which are left behind can cause emotional distress in many people. As a matter of fact, many people suffer from low-confidence and self-esteem as a result of acne scars. Acne scar removal treatment helps you get rid of acne scarring giving you more youthful and gorgeous look.
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Nose Surgery Clinic in Delhi – Three Advantages

Screenshot_4A nose job, medically known as rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure which can bring dramatic changes to the appearance of your nose. Prior embarking your journey for rhinoplasty, it is important for you to learn about a few important things in relation to this procedure. Consult nose surgery clinic in Delhi so that you can learn about the entire procedure in detail.  You might be an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi if you feel that benefits outweigh the potential risks and have realistic expectations. Just like any other surgical procedure, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with the procedure.

Here are a few advantages of nose reconstruction surgery in India.


Sometimes, when the shape of nose is not apt, it can be a distracting feature. A specific appearance of nose might be the biggest cause of imbalance between the nose and face. The right proportion of nose and other facial features has an important role to play in determining your appearance.  If you think that your nose is not in proportion with other facial features then rhinoplasty can help you.

Better nasal flow

There are several structures within the nose and some of them can lead to problem with airflow and breathing through the nose. Trauma triggering from altercations, accidents, sports or injuries might cause deviation of nasal septum. Nasal septum refers to a wall which separates the left and right side of nose. If this structure of nose is crooked then either one or both sides of nasal airway might get blocked.

Boost in self-confidence

There are many people who are bullied because of nose shape can experience dramatic change in the appearance of their nose. Results of surgery will boost their self-confidence resulting in better life.

These are a few benefits of nose job. If you are thinking of the nose job cost in India then consult a cosmetic surgeon who ahs experience in performing such surgeries.

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All you need to Know about Liposuction Surgery in Delhi


Have you lost weight recently? Are you happy and satisfied with your current figure? Do you still have fat deposits at hard to reach areas such as abdomen, arms, thighs and neck? If yes then there is very possibility you might be thinking of the ways to get rid of such fat deposits? If yes is what you might be answering then liposuction surgery in Delhi is what you need to consider. Worry not much about liposuction surgery cost in India as it depends on several factors. Just look for the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi who can guide you the best.

When you choose to undergo liposuction surgery in Delhi then you can be assured to get most effective results. The surgery aims at sculpting your body in such a way that it eliminates diet-resistant as well as unwanted deposits of fat from areas such as ankles, arms, thighs, calves, love handles, buttocks, back, neck and saddlebags. It is also performed on breasts on both men and women. Usually cosmetic surgeon combines liposuction surgery in Delhi with other cosmetic procedures so as to give desired shape. It is one of the most popular and safe cosmetic surgery procedures.

Here are some of the reasons when you can consider undergoing liposuction surgery in Delhi;

• If skin elasticity of your body is good (it is important for you to know that liposuction surgery only removes stubborn fat deposits, however does not tightens skin)
• If you wish to have a sleeker body contours in some areas or want more definition
• If there are localised areas of fat deposits in your boy which make your body appear disproportionate with the remaining body

Make sure that you choose the best liposuction surgeon in Delhi if you are considering undergoing this surgery. Also only after examining a patient and assessing desired goals that you can get an exact idea of liposuction surgery cost in India.

Best Liposuction Surgeon in Delhi Please visit our site http://www.imageclinic.org and Call or Whats App @ 9958221983

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Get the Best Hair Transplant in India at the Image Clinic

Renowned and famous cosmetic surgery clinic, Image Clinic brings to people best hair transplant in India at affordable rates. An increasing number of people are facing the problem of hair loss. Sometimes situation becomes so worrying that they face embarrassment in even moving out of home. This affects their self-confidence and self-image. There is solution to this problem – hair transplant. At Image Clinic, they recommend treatment on the basis of patient’s needs. Each patient is different so are his or her need for hair loss treatment.

There are several reasons which contribute to the problem of hair loss. Combination of change in hormones, aging and a family history of baldness triggers hair loss. Earlier hair loss starts, the more severe will be the baldness. Trauma or burns can also lead to hair loss.  After examining a patient, hair transplant surgeon recommends the best suitable hair loss surgery in Delhi.One should always look for best hair transplant in India to get maximum result.

Of different types of hair transplant procedures, Image Clinic is a name one can bank upon for scalp reduction surgery.  Scalp reduction surgery cost in India that they offer is affordable making it possible for many people to regain hair growth.  It is the most sought-after alternative for hair transplant. It aims at replacing bald spots by removing hair-bearing skin and bald skin together from the sides and back. It provides immediate results and can also be performed in combination with flap surgery or hair grafting for achieving desired results.

Scalp reduction surgery at Image Clinic is performed by the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, makes sure that each patient gets the treatment as per his need. It is only after examining a patient and assessing his or her goals, the surgeon recommends the surgery. One can get to know about exact Scalp reduction surgery cost in Indiaby consulting the surgeon.  It is on the basis of patient’s needs that surgery will be recommended.

Besthairtransplantsurgeon.com is a name one can bank upon for best hair transplant in India. They provide different types of treatment for cosmetic problems. One can schedule an appointment with them by simply browsing through their website. they make sure that patient gets best care with them.

About Image Clinic – It is a cosmetic surgery clinic providing a range of cosmetic treatments including best hair transplant in India.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi Please visit our site http://www.besthairtransplantsurgeon.com and  www.imageclinic.org and Call or Whats App @ 9958221983

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Choose Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi to get Enhanced Looks


Delhi’s leading and renowned cosmetic surgery clinic, Image Clinic, brings to people a range of cosmetic surgery procedures which can transform their appearance and looks. It is apparent for one to look for the best plastic surgeon in Delhi to get effective results of different cosmetic procedures. This is when one can make the most of the procedures provided at the Image Clinic.

The clinic is spearheaded by the most experienced and renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. AjayaKashyap. He has experience of more than twenty years in performing different types of cosmetic surgery procedures. Being the only Double American Board Certified surgeon, he has crafted a niche for himself. When one chooses him for any of cosmetic procedures, one can be assured to get finest of the results. He has a team of experienced and skilled medical professionals who make sure patients get quality care and reliable treatment.

When it comes to breast augmentation in India, they are one of the most reliable names. They have been performing this surgery for last many years. In this procedure, plastic surgeon makes use of silicone or saline USFDA approved implants for increasing the size of breasts. This type of procedures helps in restoring the volume of breast after weight-loss or child birth. Also women who are considering enhancing their breast size can undergo this procedure. At Image Clinic, they strive to provide effective breast augmentation in India surgery that too at cost-effective rates.

They are also expert in performing breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy.Those who are considering mastopexy in Delhi can choose them. This procedure aims at treating breasts which lose youthful shape as well as firmness over the period of time. Women, who have hanging, lose or shapeless breast can undergo mastopexy in Delhi with them.

Dr. AjayaKashyap is also the best gynecomastia surgeon in India. Gynecomastia is a surgical process which aims at rectifying overly enlarged shape of breasts in men. Having breasts resembling to women can affect self-confidence and self-image of a man. Living with enlarged breasts can be embarrassing for men.  The problem can be treated with gynecomastia surgery.  Just schedule an appointment with the best gynecomastia surgeon in India at Image Clinic.

About Image Clinic – It’s a cosmetic surgery clinic offering different types of cosmetic surgery procedures.  They have experience and expertise in performing different types of breast surgeries as well.

Best Breast Surgery Cost in Delhi Please visit our site http://www.imageclinic.org and Call or Whats App @ 9958221983

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